Mount Barney Back Pack Maps #1 and #2

1:25,000 scale topographic maps of Mount Barney’s South East Ridge and South Ridge Circuit walk and the Lower Portals walk with full ground based description of the walks.
The maps comes as compact shirt pocket sized (A3) double sided and folded topographic maps of the Mount Barney walks circuit – South East Ridge and South Ridge Circuit and the Lower Portals Walk.
The maps display the best available contours, and the latest topographic information with information about campsites and the QR Code links to booking them embedded in the map.
The reverse side is a general location topo/road map with instructions on how to get to the area and QR Code links to comprehensive park information about Mount Barney National Park by the Dept of National Parks, Recreation, Sport etc.
The walk description is an interpretation of both first hand experience and experiences as portrayed by various free blog sites.
The map data is sourced from the latest Queensland Government topographic datasets through QTopo and the Government’s Open Data Strategy.
The pack comes as two double sided maps on waterproof paper and set in a clear plastic envelope to keep them dry and organised.