Easter Camping

All stocked up with topo maps for Easter bush walking. Enjoy.

World Mural Maps

We now have 2 styles of huge wall maps of the world – murals – from National Geographic.

Mural Size: 2946mm x 1930mm (Comes rolled in 3 separate sheets – 3 durable latex coated panels) – has directions for hanging like wallpaper.

Executive/Antique style or Blue Ocean style.

These up to date world maps are endowed with the cartographi8c detail, accuracy and artistry for which National Geographic is known.

Lake Monduran & Lake Awoonga

Just put up some new stock onto our website.
Fishing maps of Lake Monduran near Bundaberg and Lake Awoonga near Gladstone.
These maps make it so much easier and so much safer for boating and fishing on these dams.
With GPS coordinates, Fishing spots, Local Names, Original river bed marked, etc. All marked up on aerial photography.

Good luck with the fishing!

New topo maps - Samsonvale and Kipper Creek

Replacing maps that were 25 to 35 years old, these two new standard topo maps at 1:25,000 scale are up to date to 2014 and have been enhanced with several of the most popular bush walks highlighted on the map. There are also useful links to websites for other more detailed walks information and to make camp site bookings.

New topo maps - Enoggera - Lake Manchester

Full sized standard topo maps of Brisbane Forest Park D’Aguilar National Park have now been produced.

Lake Manchester and Enoggera standard topo map sheets have been updated replacing maps that were 34 years old!

This is now the latest topo data direct from government databases.

Popular walks and tracks have been highlighted – links to web site information and campsite bookings.

Mount Barney Topo Maps

Customised for specific walks on Mount Barney – we have produced 2 new 1:25,000 scale topo maps covering the South East Ridge/South Ridge Circuit, and the Lower Portals Walk.
These are A3 sized double sided pocket sized maps when folded – to fit in your shirt pocket. One side has a location map to show you how to get there and to connect you with QR Code links to the National Parks information site etc.
The other side is a detailed topo map at 1:25,000 scale of the walks, with information about parking, a full walk description and information about camping with QR Code links to book the camp site.
These can be purchased individually or as a set of two in a clear plastic pouch. See “mount barney” in our topographic maps area.

Thorsborne Trail - Hinchinbrook Island

For the first time we have produced a 1:25,000 scale topo map pack of the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island.
This is a unique product. Two full sized topo maps at full scale 1:25,000 covering the entire Thorsborne Trail on HInchinbrook Island.
The maps show the trail itself, the camp sites, water, toilets, and all combined with complete and most up to date topographic information and contours.
Links are provided to useful web sites about the trail and to a full trail walk description.
Every thing you need for the walk of a lifetime.
The two sheet map pack comes in a clear plastic envelope.
See our web page at: http://worldwidemaps.spiffystores.com/products/thorsborne-trail-hinchinbrook-island-25k-topo-2-sheet-map-pack

This price includes postage and handling.

Brisbane & Environs 3D Raised Relief Maps Are Back

At last we once again have the 3D raised relief maps of Brisbane and Environs in stock.

They cover the geography of South East Queensland from Mount Warning to Noosa and Stradbroke Islands to Toowoomba.

Brilliant for teachers and students to see the geography of the area in raised relief.

We only have 10 and these are the last 10 in the country.

See our website for details.

So hurry.


Queensland Government has just released a new online topographic map system for Queensland going from 9% coverage of Queensland with printed topo maps to 100% coverage with online maps of similar scale eg. 1:25000.

Maps can be produced for anywhere in Queensland at scales ranging from 1:18,000 ish to 1:100,000. The maps produced can be centred on your point of interest.

The standard sheet maps can also be produced.

You can produce a map at A4, A3 and near A0 paper sizes.

Unless you have an A3 printer or a large format plotter you will need to contact World Wide Maps to place an order for a new map coming direct from the Government’s topographic database with the latest topographic data.

This is print on demand at last!!! No longer will retailers have to stock large quantities of paper maps.

The drawback is that the cost will be higher. around $20, as the cost savings of mass printed maps is lost and the cost of print on demand on plotters is higher.

On the positive side the map you receive will be the best and latest available map data and you can get a map of anywhere in Queensland down to 1:25,000 scale!

No longer will you have to use a 35 year old map!!!!

Contact us for more information.

A Lot of Bush Walking Going On

Well…. All we can say is that there must be a lot of people finding the love of bush walking and the great outdoors as we are selling a LOT of Topo maps.

Enjoy everyone. And join in the fun!