Queensland Government has just released a new online topographic map system for Queensland going from 9% coverage of Queensland with printed topo maps to 100% coverage with online maps of similar scale eg. 1:25000.

Maps can be produced for anywhere in Queensland at scales ranging from 1:18,000 ish to 1:100,000. The maps produced can be centred on your point of interest.

The standard sheet maps can also be produced.

You can produce a map at A4, A3 and near A0 paper sizes.

Unless you have an A3 printer or a large format plotter you will need to contact World Wide Maps to place an order for a new map coming direct from the Government’s topographic database with the latest topographic data.

This is print on demand at last!!! No longer will retailers have to stock large quantities of paper maps.

The drawback is that the cost will be higher. around $20, as the cost savings of mass printed maps is lost and the cost of print on demand on plotters is higher.

On the positive side the map you receive will be the best and latest available map data and you can get a map of anywhere in Queensland down to 1:25,000 scale!

No longer will you have to use a 35 year old map!!!!

Contact us for more information.