Rome - Fleximap

Fleximap Rome includes 5 maps. The main map is a detailed street map of central Rome (1 : 12 500), with points of interest and general tourist information to guide you around the city. A smaller map (1 : 9000) shows the Vatican City, while the area within a 30-mile radius of Rome is covered in a useful overview map (1 : 300 000). There is also a map of central Italy (1 : 4 000 000), and a plan of the Rome Metropolitana system is included on the back cover.

As well as making the map easy to fold and extra-durable, the laminated finish allows you to mark your itinerary on the map and then wipe it off afterwards.

To help you plan your trip and prioritise the must-see sights, Fleximap Rome also includes a list – with descriptions and photographs – of 26 recommended sights, divided by theme and linked to the mapping by numbered markers. There is also a handy information section with concise details on getting around the city, tourist offices, money, tipping, opening times, public holidays, telecommunications, emergency telephone numbers, and climate. PRICE INCLUDES POSTAGE AND HANDLING