Turkey - Travel Map Insight Guides

Travel Map Turkey is a double-sided, indexed road map. Western Turkey is shown at 1 : 800 000 on one side of the map, with the whole country depicted on the reverse at 1 : 2 000 000. Detailed city plans of Istanbul and Izmir are also included, each with its own index, together with an overview of ferry routes in the Aegean Sea.

Places of interest including museums, monuments and religious sites are listed and accompanied by a wide range of pictorial symbols for instant recognition, these symbols have been colour …coded by category.

In addition to the road and rail networks, airports, major ports and shipping routes, this map provides a detailed picture of the topography through the use of relief shading. National parks, valleys, mountain ranges with peak heights, nature reserves and trekking areas are clearly indicated.

This map has handy distance indicators in the margin and shows intermediate driving distances on main roads. The extensive legend is shown in 8 languages.